"Quality to Create"

Agera Tools is our new brand which gives everyone who is looking for quality a new opportunity to do their job in the most professional way. We offer a full range of high quality abrasives, cutting- & grinding discs and a wide variety of polishing products.

For every specific job you will find the right product. Agera Tools is perfection. We hope to convince you about our high quality products and that you will be fascinated by our passion to create new possibilities.


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Contact us
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  • How do I know which product is suitable for my machine?

    You can download a product sheet of every product at our site. This product sheet shows all the machines with each suitable product. 

  • Which grit am I going to use?
    We divide all abrasives on grit as followed: coarse, medium, fine and super fine. Its important to choose  right grit to achieve the best result. Good sanding is often done in several steps with different grits. Start with a coarse grit to remove paint, prepare the bare substrate with a medium grit, and then finish between paint and lacquer layers with a fine grit.

    The table below will give you a good indication on which grit you should use. The values mentioned below are only recommendations, always try which combination is most suitable.
  • Can I become a dealer of Agera Tools?

    Are you interested in our brand and possibly in selling our products? Please contact our sales department at sales@ageratools.com. 

  • What is the quality of the products?
    With our slogan “Quality to Create” we want to emphasize that we wish to give you the highest quality so you will be able to create something beautiful. The product range of Agera Tools only consist of high quality products, which are suitable for professional use. By using high quality raw materials and base materials the shelf life of abrasives, grinding wheels and polishing materials are guaranteed.

    We are passionate about our products and together with the knowledge of our experienced buyers, we are able to offer you the right quality at the right price. Quality is what you choose, and we need to ensure the quality every day. 
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