• How do I know which product is suitable for my machine?
    You can download a product sheet of every product at our site. This product sheet shows all the machines with each suitable product. 
  • Which grit am I going to use?
    We divide all abrasives on grit as followed: coarse, medium, fine and super fine. Its important to choose  right grit to achieve the best result. Good sanding is often done in several steps with different grits. Start with a coarse grit to remove paint, prepare the bare substrate with a medium grit, and then finish between paint and lacquer layers with a fine grit.

    The table below will give you a good indication on which grit you should use. The values mentioned below are only recommendations, always try which combination is most suitable.
  • How long are the products maintainable?

    The abrasives, grinding wheels and polishing products have a limited shelf life. The quality of all the listed products may be affected by conditions such as humidity and temperature.

    We advise to store the products for a maximum of a year or less before using the products. On the grinding wheels is a specific date stated and we discourage using the grinding wheels after this date. 

  • Are there also Agera Tools machines for sale?
    Agera Tools does not sell machines. We are exclusively specialized in abrasives, grinding wheels and polishing materials. 
  • What is the quality of the products?
    With our slogan “Quality to Create” we want to emphasize that we wish to give you the highest quality so you will be able to create something beautiful. The product range of Agera Tools only consist of high quality products, which are suitable for professional use. By using high quality raw materials and base materials the shelf life of abrasives, grinding wheels and polishing materials are guaranteed.

    We are passionate about our products and together with the knowledge of our experienced buyers, we are able to offer you the right quality at the right price. Quality is what you choose, and we need to ensure the quality every day. 
  • How is sandpaper made?
    An abrasive, such as, for example, a sharp edged sand or mineral, must be bonded to a substrate of for example a solid piece of paper, plastic or textile. The abrasive grains are by means of electrostatic waves “sprinkled” on the glued surface. Subsequently, the material passes through a drying tunnel, where by means of hot air, the adhesive is dried.  At the end, the abrasive material is rolled and stored, before it passes another treatment. 
  • How many products are included in the Agera Tools assortment?

    The total assortment consists of eight categories and in each category are several subcategories. The total number of products under all of these categories are more than 500.

    The assortment will grow and develop continuously. Therefore, look regularly at our website to stay informed about our assortment. 

  • Is there a warranty on my purchases?
    Agera Tools guarantees quality. If you are not satisfied with the quality of a product, please contact our customer service department at


  • What protection do I need before I start my job?

    There are 4 safety materials that are highly recommended with the use of sanding materials, grinding materials and polishing materials.

    1. Safety goggles: Always wear safety goggles or a face shield to protect your eyes.

    2. Dust mask: Sanding creates particulate matter. This will end up in your respiratory. In particular the particulate matter of hardwood is harmful. The uses of a dust mask is an essential part during a sanding operation.

    3. Ear protection: Always wear ear protection during sanding or grinding.

    4. Safety gloves: Always wear safety gloves that are fitting perfectly. Make sure that the gloves  have enough traction while using a grinder.

    On the packaging you will find the recommended safety materials for the uses of the specific product.

  • Where can I buy my safety equipment?

    We recommend the use of good safety materials while using sanding materials, grinding materials and polishing materials. The  brand 3M offers a wide range of certified safety products.

    It is important to buy the right protection products which are approved according to European legislation. 

  • To which requirements must the protecting items suffice?
    It is important to buy the right protection products which are approved according to European legislation. 
  • How do I protect myself?
    Always use goggles or a face shield. This is necessary to protect your eyes and face against the fine metal particles ejected at high speed. Ordinary goggles are not enough! Also use hearing protection (a grinding machine makes a lot of noise). Wear tight fitting safety gloves (not loose fitting gloves!) to protect your hands and wear protective clothing against sparks. Do not wear loose clothing such as wide sleeves, a tie or a scarf. Loose clothing can be pulled into rotating parts of the machine. The same goes for loose long hair and jewelry like a necklace, bracelet or ring. Take off jewelry and tie your hair into a ponytail or put a cap on. When grinding stone there will be quartz dust. Use ventilation or work wet. Wear a good dust mask. 
  • Where does “OSA” stand for?
    OSA stands for “Organisation for the Safety of Abrasives”. Leading manufacturers of quality abrasive materials have joined this international organization to document the high safety standards of their brand and quality products.
    With the OSA quality label Agera Tools ensures that the tools provide with this quality mark are manufactured in accordance with the strict current global guidelines. All cutting and grinding tools Agera Tools has, have the OSA quality mark and meet the highest safety standards. 
  • Where can I find the definitions of the safety icons?

    You can download the definitions of the safety icons with the use of the link below.

Użycie i zastosowanie:

  • Which sanding paper could I use when I am going to paint?
    See question; Which grit am I going to use? In the category Product
  • Which product do I use for wet sanding?

    For wet sanding there are especially products developed. These products are also called waterproof.

    Our products are indicated by means of an icon, whether or not it is suitable to use for wet grinding. 

  • What is important when using diamond discs?

    Use the correct type disc for your job. Before you place a diamond disk, check if there are any damages on the disk. Diamond discs are often used on a powerful angle grinder. Inaccurate use of the disk may cause a major security risk. You can find more advise and tips on “Where should I look for when using an angle grinder?”.

    Check if the number of revolutions of the machine (RPM) correspond to the number of revolutions that is written on the diamond disk. The machine may never make more speed than mentioned on the disk.

  • What should I pay attention to, when using cutting discs and grinding discs?
    When cutting discs and grinding discs are used on a angle grinder machines with too much power, it can cause a major security risk when used inaccurate.  Use the right disc for your job. Never use a cutting disc to deburr.

    Before placing a grinding disc, look carefully for damages. Grinding discs have an expiration date. Always check the date which is printed on the disc and never exceed it.

    Check if the number of revolutions (RPM) is corresponding with the speed of the grinding disc. The machine never may  make more number of revolutions than mentioned on the disc. 
  • What is the best approach to polish my work?
    The following polishing steps are guidelines for polishing (non-ferrous) metals. Grind your work piece from coarse to fine grit until about grit 320/400, and after that you could possibly grind with a waterproof abrasive for a smooth finish. The finer the grit, the better the final result, this apply almost all metals. However, we advise you to start with a finer grit for copper and brass, because these metals are pretty soft, and it is not necessary to pre polish them. The more you grind, the more scratches and the more you will need to polish.
    Start with pre polishing, keep the polishing paste against the cloth, or vice versa, and the paste will attach to the cloth, the paste is distributed well at the time that the component starts to become warm. Make sure you occasionally change the rubbing direction. Before you start, it is often the best to degrease the part first. This can be done with a degreaser or special power cleaners. The paste of pre polishing will leave different stripes at the high-gloss finish because it is more coarse than the glossy paste. Afterwards, you can start ‘after’ polishing or high-gloss polishing. Here it is important to change the polish direction regularly too, to avoid marking from the polish paste. Cleanse everything with a clean cloth.    
  • Where should I look for before, during and after sanding?
    Always make sure that you work in a good ventilated space. Clean up your work place at the end of the day and use a vacuum cleaner or a mop instead of a broom. By using a broom fine dust will linger in the air and can irritate your respiratory system. Wear a dust mask when sanding. 
  • What should I do before grinding?
    Check if your angle grinder is still in a good condition. Take care of it according to the prescription. Replace a disk that no longer has the right diameter. The peripheral velocity will become too large, and the disc could break.
    Use the correct disc type for your job. Never use a cutting disc to deburr. Look carefully for damages or defects before you place a grinding disc. Check if the number of revolutions from the machine is consistent with the number of revolutions (RPM) that is mentioned on the disk. The machine never should make more speed than the prescribed condition on the disc.
    Always unplug before you replace the disc. Is there no need to replace the disc? Always check before you start, if the disc is plugged in firmly.  Adjust the angle of the protective cap so that the sparks will be sent in the meant directions and you have a good view at your work. Never use the angle grinder without a protective cap!
    Provide a clean and well lit work area, whether you are working inside or outside. Cover flammable stuff if you cannot move it. In addition, always make sure the area is ventilated well.
    If you use an right-angled grinder with mains voltage, check if the mains voltage is the same as indicated on the type plate on the grinding machine.
    When you use an extension cord, always roll it out completely and check if whether it is suitable for the wattage of the machine. This prevents short circuit and overheating. Secure the piece that you want to grind sturdy. Your work can not be ejected during the grinding and grinding disc can not get stuck in the work piece.  In addition, you are free to operate the angle grinding machine. Check if your angle grinding machine is off before you plug in the power cord, so it won’t run immediately. 
  • What should I look for when using an angle grinder?
    A angle grinding machine can be used for various activities including, for example, by cutting bricks and tiles, steel cutting, to remove rust and deburring edges. The word "angle" refers to the position of the shaft on which the grinding wheel is screwed, with respect to the axis of the motor in the device. You can use the angle grinder for various jobs, but please notice that the device has a lot of power and can by careless use cause a major security risk. Accidents with an angle grinding machine are often severe. It often happens that someone saw or grinds himself in the hand or fingers, with severed tendons due. It also happens that the disc cutter slips and touches the face or that flying metal particles get into the eye during the grinding of metal. Therefore, always take care of the following safety precautions.

Marka Agera Tools:

  • Is there a warranty on my purchases?
    Agera Tools guarantees quality. If you are not satisfied with the quality of a product, please contact our customer service department at
  • Can I become a dealer of Agera Tools?
    Are you interested in our brand and possibly in selling our products? Please contact our sales department at 
  • Is it possible to receive the catalog?
    You can download our digital catalog as PDF file through the heading “Downloads”.
  • Can consumers buy directly from Agera Tools?
    Agera Tools only sells its products through a network of authorized dealers.